Hovex has been a proud global player for many years in starch processes and by-products. Every day, we work on high-quality technological solutions to minimise the impact of starch production on the environment and to maximise production. From individual machines and complete production lines to total factory solutions; we ensure the best end products, while also keeping a close eye on your total energy, water and waste management. We are experts in zero-waste and full waste valorisation. And we will continue to innovate with you. Because we know through our involvement and enthusiasm that we can always do better. Read more

Building futures for starch and co-products

For over 40 years Hovex is offering advanced process solutions to the global starch industry. As a humble and proud partner we are serving an loyal customers base, ranging from well-known multi-nationals to extra-ordinary “small local players”.  We deliver excellent state-of -the art equipment and processes, from single machines, separate sections up to full production lines. In close co-operation with a selective supply partner network we provide complete integrated systems. Enabling our esteemed business partners to extract starch and by-products from the various crops i.e. potato, cassava, corn, wheat, pea, etc. in the most pure, efficient, competitive and sustainable fashion!


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Sustainable Engineering

Hovex is committed to a sustainable world. We take our responsibility and are engineering green. Our DNA is carrying the “Reduce- Recycle and Re-use” foot-print.  We are designing and engineering next generation machines & processes by balancing economics, social elements and the environment in a sustainable way. It is our mission to enable our partners to run their business with a natural balance: highly competitive while being most sustainable and contributing to a better world tomorrow!

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