Starting small in Veendam - Holland, today serving all continents

Hovex B.V., the “Hoogezand Veendam Exportonderneming” (Hovex) was founded in 1975 by Mr. Willy Lüpkes (Mechanical & Process Engineering) and  Mr. Folkert Mulder (Marketing & Sales).

In the early days Hovex mainly provided representation of other producers of mechanical equipment, but very soon a Hovex portfolio of its own started to develop, being able to better fulfil the requirements of the market. Hovex has resided many years in the beautiful monumental building in Veendam by the Boven Oosterdiep canal.

Potato, cassava, corn, wheat, pea, rice, sago

Core markets are starch and by-products. Historically with the focus on potato starch, coming from the regionally based potato starch factories in northern Europe, nowadays Hovex’ portfolio also covers machinery and process solutions for other raw materials such as cassava, corn, wheat, pea, rice, sago. 

Excellent machine mix for native starch, derivatives and various down-stream products

Hovex supplies starch machinery and starch process solutions all over the world.

The focus and expertise are in the crucial wet section: milling, de-sanding, extraction, concentration and refining, pulp- and starch de-watering as well as starch recovery systems. Hovex developed its highly competitive & sustainable product mix including raspers, extractors, hydro-cyclones and vacuum drum filters.

The Hovex equipment is considered to be most advanced in the industry enabling customers to meeting highest demands for purity, hygiene, efficiency and …sustainability. In native starch facilities, but also in derivatives lines and various down-stream processes.


GEA Group AG

In the nineties Hovex became part of the German GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft, one of the world’s leading engineering companies, developing, producing and marketing machinery and equipment for mechanical separation enjoying great synergies with access to a complementary product portfolio of among others separators, decanters, homgonizers, flash dryers, evaporators, etc.  Ever since being part of GEA, Hovex entered into the business of delivering complete starch lines and factories.

Strong presence in key starch areas

Although not being part of GEA anymore, there is a strong and close co-operation between the companies toward the global industry. Together with GEA and our agent structure we are covering the global key areas for starch production.  This enables us to maintain always the right level of after sales service customer are expecting.

Netherlands Technology Environment Group: synergies and system integration

Since late 2016 Hovex is part of The Netherlands Environmental Technology Group (NETG). An ambitious group of technical companies offering a broad range of high quality, sustainable and cost-effective solutions worldwide, aimed at air and water purification, bio-energy, renewable resources, etc. Technologies that are complementary to the Hovex portfolio offering beneficial synergistic effects for Hovex, its customers and other business partners! 

Together with our peers from the NETG and our broad network of supply partners, we can offer broader propositions and large projects with system integration, including EPC(M).