Hovex Hydro Cyclone units
Hovex Hydro Cyclone units


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Hovex Hydro Cyclone units

When purity cannot be compromised

Hovex offers a broad range of hydrocyclones to match every situation and customer demand. The HCH Cyclone unit is the most hygienic hydrocyclone on the market. The washing water is sensitive to microbiological growth which can cause the failure of the washing equipment, increased down time and a contaminated product. Using the HCH Hygienic Hydro Cyclone unit minimizes the risk of this harmful microbiological growth. In case hygiene is of less importance, the HCC cyclones are advised.

Benefits of Hovex Hygienic Hydro Cyclone unit

  • Highly efficient washing and no internal leakage
  • Easy and simple operation
  • Easy maintenance: the equipment can be opened quickly and easily
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low water consumption

Spare parts: