Hovex Open Drum Vacuum Filter
Hovex Open Drum Vacuum Filter


Hovex Open Drum Vacuum Filter factsheet

Hovex Open Drum Vacuum Filter

Continuous operation, easy control and simple maintenance

Starch dewatering, taking water out of the final starch slurry and preparing it for drying.

In this stage, the amount of water is reduced mechanically by filtration by means of a vacuum filter. Starch dewatering by vacuum filters is generally preferred for their continuous operation, easy control, and simple maintenance. Hovex Vacuum have a state-of-the-art design and can run with full capacity flexibility, continous system and come with a wide range of foodgrade options

Benefits of Hovex vacuum filters

  • Low consumption of electrical energy and no peak currents
  • High starch de-watering quality
  • Internal cleaning
  • Variable drum speed control
  • Adjustable scraper with stellite cutting edges
  • Highest dry substance
  • Continuous adjustable level control
  • Full stainless steel
  • Sustainable and a long lifetime


  • Moveable continous cleaning nozzles
  • Pneumatic scraper knife/through cleaning device
  • Pneumatic cake knock off/through spray pipe
  • Moveable scraper knife increasing the precoat lifetime and increasing the length of uptime


Spare parts: